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Seminar Featured in AJCU "Connections"

Director Jeanne Lord talks origin and mission of the Seminar in interview

In it's March 2018 edition of its "Connections" newsletter, the Association of Jesuit College and Universities (AJCU) focused on one of its key efforts: "Forming Ignatian Leaders on Jesuit Campuses".

The newsletter featured an interview with Dr. Jeanne Lord, Director of the Jesuit Leadership Seminar, on how the Seminar came about, how it fits into the larger Jesuit higher education network and its impact on participants.

The article also featured an interview with Dr. Joseph DeFeo, Executive Director of the Ignatian Colleagues Program, a partner-program to the Seminar. DeFeo will be moderating the annual "Lay-Jesuit Cooperation Panel" at the 15th Annual Jesuit Leadership Seminar and sharing more about the ICP with Seminar participants.

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